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Oxford Climate Policy Contacts

Managing Director:
Benito Müller

Postal Address:
The Administrator
Oxford Climate Policy,
57 Woodstock Road,
Oxford OX2 6FA,
United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0) 1865 889 128

Oxford Climate Policy Staff

Benito Müller
Director, Oxford Climate Policy

Benito is Director, Energy & Environment, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, a Recognised Independent Centre of the University of Oxford.

He is also Managing Director, Oxford Climate Policy, where he directs the European Capacity Building Initiative (ecbi).

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Karin Cheetham
Personal Assistant to the Director

As personal assistant to the Director and Administrator, Karin is responsible for day to day management of the Oxford Climate Policy's interaction with its constituency, and handling workload at the office.

During the Oxford Fellowships and Seminars, Karin looks after the logistics and general management of the events and of the participants.

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Laurel Murray
Website Management

Laurel's research interests broadly centre on environment and development. Laurel began her education studying the science of global environmental change, yet over the years, her work has evolved towards the politics of the environment and the interlinkages between environmental policy and development.

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Anju Sharma
Publications, and Policy Analysis

Anju has worked for UNEP as editor of the Global Environmental Outlook Yearbook, and at Oxfam as senior policy adviser on climate change adaptation. As a consultant, she has carried out projects for a number of organizations, including the UNFCCC Secretariat, UNDP, GIZ (the German Institute for technical cooperation) and the Oxford University Centre for the Environment.

She heads the Publications and Policy Analysis Unit of the European Capacity Building Initiative.


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